jueves, 14 de julio de 2011

Confessions of an ordinary guy

-Okay, man. You wanna be queer? You choose, it's totally up to you. But you gotta know that not everybody is as tolerant as me. People are cruel, unfair. They show no human beingness and they don't even care about it. You're gonna be pushed, hit and underappreciated, lashed. You're not gonna be able to face it. I'm so sorry boy, but when someone just shows himself up and try to feel comfortable with the person he thinks he is, the current society deals with the possibility of turning your illusions off and break your human point of view. There's nothing personal in it, it's just its way of proceeding, and you can't do anything about it.
Sometimes you're gonna find yourself surprised in a situation in which they look at you with eyes full of humanity and respect, not always works like that tho'. And i know, i know, i know... You think you're such a good guy, and sometimes just can't seize the day because of wondering why human beings can be so hard to themselves, and suddenly, all your faith in your kind is broken. You can't fix it. It's then when you gotta make a choice: keep on being yourself or just dress your values up in order to feel accepted, as everyone else. But trust me, it doesn't take you anywhere. There'll be one day, no matter which one, nor when, nor how long it takes until you can see it, but that day, only that day, you'll realize that if you go out of your house with your head up, just being proud of who you are, there's no need of proving anything at all, you don't have to. So, then, and only then, you'll be conscious about how easy is everything else if you take it that way. And then, only then, you feel like anything is possible and you are deserving of love too.

-I'm not gay, dude.

-But i am.

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