domingo, 9 de enero de 2011

Nothing. No one. Nowhere. Nohow.

Nothing that supports my ideas.
Nothing that creates a brand new way of life.
Nothing that makes me keep on touching the ground, nor flying away or tripping around.
Nothing that helps me to believe in every single moment.
Nothing that links me to whatever is mystic and supernatural.
Nothing that i got to do.

No one in my life.
No one who stands by my side.
No one who really cares about me.
No one who defines my sense of being adored.
No one who wants to share those stuff that i've been reaching for.
No one who i can meet.

Nowhere to run to.
Nowhere to fill the space between my emotions and the reality.
Nowhere to face the fear of the middle place between the light and nowhere.
Nowhere to fall in love.
Nowhere to take by storm and stomp those roads that i've been crossing around.
Nowhere i should go.

Nohow to make it real.
Nohow to keep on dreaming of.
Nohow to fulfill all those goals that i've been trying for.
Nohow to breathe in and breathe out.
Nohow to take good care of a situation to deal with.
Nohow i should stop.

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